Olan Wolf

  • Artist

    January 4, 1972


    Orenburg, Russia


    52 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Artist and founder of Olan Wolf Art Gallery
    Full Name Vladimir Vopilin
    Artist Olan Wolf
    Nationality Russian
    Olan Wolf Art Gallery
    Education Moscow State University
    Website olanwolf.com


    Vladimir Vopilin (artistic name: Olan Wolf) was born and raised in the Soviet Union. He was working in many spheres trying to make a living. He considered art as his internal passion, which inspired him to create dreams and hope, but never as a source of living. But the artist didn’t give up. Olan was creating his pieces of art in his free time and kept them for personal use.


    Olan Wolf was born on January 4, 1972. is a famous Contemporary artist, and founder of Olan Wolf Art Gallery. Having gained authority in the post-Soviet art market, Vladimir Vopilin is actively developing his personal brand “Olan Wolf “in the European, Asian, Middle East, and American art markets. Olan Wolf is a famous artist in the UAE, displaying his works in different venues and art exhibitions in Dubai. A real sensation was made in the New Jersey MoRa Museum of contemporary art through his solo exhibition “Worlds” in 2020. The year 2021 was a real breakthrough for the talented artist.

    His work was presented at the QATAR International Art Festival, which was attended by 300 of the best artists from 65 countries. Also, Vladimir’s work was a resounding success at the Prima Biennale d’arte contemporanea della Murgia in Italy. The final chords were the participation of the artist in the international project Art of the World, which took place in Miami, and the victory in the nomination “Contribution to the NFT/digital art” for his contribution to the development of contemporary art as part of the “Person of the Year 2021” award.

    Later Olan Wolf got another award: “ Unique new contemporary approaches in art” Louvre Abu Dhabi (UAE) – competition: “Louver Abu Dhabi Art Here Exhibition 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize”, 2021-2022.

    Olan Wolf is an honorable member of judging panel for the World beauty contents, such as : Mr. and Mrs. UAE International (UAE) 2022 and Miss. Florida US Nation Pageant 2023.

    Vladimir Vopilin helped the International Association “Ambassadors Club Dubai” (AUE) to present an important art event within the World Expo Exhibition 2020 in January 2021 and became a honorable member of the International Association.


    In 2020 Olan Wolf presented his solo Exhibition “World” in the MoRa Museum of contemporary art in New Jersey, USA. The main aim of the exhibition was to attract attention to modern tendencies in contemporary art and fashion. Olan Wolf is a member of advisory board in the museum.

    In 2022 Olan Wolf was invited to display his solo exhibition “Imagination” together with fashion designers at Boccara ART Gallery in Palm Beach, USA. Olan’s exhibition combined paintings: oil on canvas with paintings on fabrics, and modern contemporary models presented Olan’s paintings on their dresses as part of the whole exhibition.

    Another successful Olan exhibition was held in Dubai (UAE) Mercure Barsha Hotel in May 2021.

    Olan Wolf has unique techniques in Oil and Acrylic Painting: These artworks showcase his versatility as an artist, allowing him to explore different techniques, textures, and styles. From abstract and expressionist pieces to more realistic and detailed works, Olan Wolf’s (Vladimir Vopilin) traditional paintings demonstrate his adaptability across various mediums.


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