• Artist

    June 12, 1994


    Kusadasi, Turkey


    30 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Artist, Model, Nutritionist
    Full Name Melisa Gun
    Artist Miss.Gun
    Ms World USA
    Education The University of Aegean Turkey, Kyiv Medical University, Serhiy Bubka College of Olympic Reserve, International School of Medicine Medipol University, Turkey, British Higher School
    Website https://missgun.com/


    Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) is an Artist, Model, Nutritionist, CEO of Ms World USA, and Fashion TV Ukrainian Speaker. She was born on June 12, 1994, in Kusadasi, Turkey. She constructs her art pieces highlighting the duality of our planet and the disparities held within. Ladder; White and Black; Yin and Yang; Angel and Evil; Love and Betray; Happiness and Sorrow, etc. Miss.Gun views life as a world full of contrasts, emotions, and possibilities. Touching on these topics and the gray areas in between, the artist actualizes these sentiments onto canvas for individual interpretation. Utilizing vibrant colors, designs, and differing techniques only emphasizes the messages embedded within each work of art.


    Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) represents contemporary art in Exhibitions/Presentations/Events.


    • 2023 – Transformation, Art performance in Madrid Bently Center, Madrid, Spain
    • 2022 – Portal, Gallery of Maria Porto, Madrid, Spain
    • 2021 – Parallel Worlds, Barvikha Luxury Village Moscow, Russia
    • 2019 – Parallel Words, Westwood, Los Angeles, USA


    • 2023 – Transformation, Art Basel Maiami (Transformation, Birth of Potential), Maiami, USA.
    • 2022 – Portal (Birth of Mystery, Birth of Waterfall), ArtLand Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    • 2021 – Portal (Birth of Life, Birth of the World), Forbidden Fruit Female Art, Miami, USA.
    • 2021 – Portal (Birth of Birth of Feelings), Moscow POP UP MUSEUM, BOSSOM Art Exhibit by Woman Artist, Moscow, Russia.
    • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Changes, Life Line), Qatar International Art Festival, Сultural Village Foundation, Dohа, Qatar.
    • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Potential, Brith of New Era), PRIMA, Biennale D’Arte Conte Poranea Della Urgia, Puglia, Italy.


    • 2022 – Parallel Words (Birth of the World, Birth of Life) museum Mora, New York, USA
    • 2021 – Parallel Worlds (Birth of Waterfall, Birth of Faith), International Online Exhibition of Iranian Artists, Mystery of Water, Online Gallery Reddot Art

    Awards/ Prizes

    1. Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here exhibition 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize 2022 (Award in the Louver Museum first nomination: Unique new contemporary approaches in art)
    2. Membership in the International Association Ambassadors Club Dubai, Middle East, UAE, Dubai, 2021-2025

    Personal Life

    Since childhood, having set a clear goal, the girl began to fulfill her dream – first she visited most of the world, thanks to dance tournaments, and then became a master of sports in hurdles.

    In addition, at school Miss.Gun studied choreography intensively. All this together gave her determination and subsequent success in sports, modeling, art and work. Very talented girl was awarded as a winner of math, biology competitions, she was studing in Ukraine and Switzerland, was very active in social actitivites: acting as a snow maiden in New Year perfomances for 13 years, participating in Datcha Art Festivals, winning comeptitions in chess, professional triathlon runner. The beginning of her modeling career was brilliant, although not quite model-like.

    At the age of 25, Melisa started to be offered a partnership with highly-regarded photographers and designers. At the same age she started actively diving into art, presenting art through the fashion and beauty. Already today, Melisa has a significant number of merits and victories in modeling and art. But according to her, this is only the beginning and she is not going to stop.

    Later Miss.Gun (Melisa Gun) moved to the UAE, Europe, USA to focus on art and fashion history. Later settling in USA to continue her interests in fine and contemporary art, NFT and to establish a gallery in London and Miami.


    • 2013 – Serhiy Bubka College of Olympic Reserve, Donetsk
    • 2016 – University of Aegean (specialty: physiotherapy), Turkey
    • 2019 – International school of medicine Medipol University, Turkey
    • 2019 – British Higher School of Art and Design / Illustration/ Modern Illustration (NFT)/ Contemporary Art (Branch of London Establishment, UK)
    • 2022 – Kiev Medical University, Kiev


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