Elena Ksanti

  • Artist

    January 23, 1984


    Rome, Italy


    40 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Artist, Modern Art expert
    Other Name Levchenko (Ksanti)
    Years Active 2004-present
    Nationality Russian
    Residence Rome, Italy
    Education University of Illinois
    Website www.ksantiart.com


    Russian-Italian cosmopolitan artist Elena Ksanti rose her fame as an extraordinary artistic person. She was nominated for the 2021 Person of the Year honor and received an award for her contribution to contemporary art. Besides, she has a large fanbase profile on Instagram (@ksantiart). Elena also earned massive popularity on Facebook & other social media sites. She created a YouTube channel, ‘Ksanti Art’, able to catch the attention of art seekers from over the world.

    Before Fame

    She has been pursuing her artistic research for over fifteen years, she has chosen to present her works to the public only after gaining full self-awareness.


    Elena started her artistic journey in 2004. Since starting, she has been portrayed reflection of the spiritual purification and enlightenment of a human being throughout the entire life cycle of consumption, characteristic of humanity in the 21st century. The author’s philosophy is close to the theory of art therapy, which reflects the subconscious impulses of mental processes. Her innovation in painting influences the psycho-emotional state of the viewer and is aimed at spiritual purification through esoteric practices and meditation. This is an innovation in painting since Elena’s works are capable of influencing the psycho-emotional state of the viewer and are aimed at spiritual purification through esoteric practices and meditation.

    In October 2019, Elena Ksanti unveiled her first major personal exhibition, “Parallel Worlds” in Los Angeles. Where she successfully represented her artist’s creative life, different in style and topic, but painted in the same acrylic technique. Her works were exhibited in several regions of Italy, Iran, Qatar, the U.S., and Russia.

    Personal Life

    Elena Ksanti was born in Rome, Italy. She grew up with her parents and finished her early schooling in Russia. Elena has always been giving her attention to charity. She became Vice President of the International Child Health Foundation in 2014. Her current residence is in Rome, Italy.


    Ksanti graduated from secondary school with honors and entered Sochi State University. Later on, she received her second degree at the University of Illinois. Since then, she has entirely devoted herself to entrepreneurial activity. Elena Ksanti has successfully initiated several business projects. For the creative self-fulfillment and development of her artistic potential, Elena graduated from the British Higher School of Art.


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