Rit Kit

  • Tattoo Artist

    March 29, 1993




    31 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Tattoo Artist
    Years Active 2014-present
    Citizenship Ukraine
    Residence Kiev
    Known For liveleaftattoo
    Education architectural academy in Kiev
    Height 1.58 m
    Weight 51 kg


    Tattoo Artist Rit Kit gained huge popularity for her mature bassed tattooing which helped her to gather huge fame on social media. As a nature lover, she experiment with a completely new technique for tattoos named ‘liveleaftattoo’ that literally imposes a new kind in the tattoo world. Her works got into massive vogue on Instagram @rit.kit.tattoo with more than 554K fans from over the world.

    Before Fame

    Following her passion for nature, Rit always tries to find a different way to do arts beyond the conventional tradition where many artistic works have been running in the same way for a long time.


    As a tattooer, she likes to old techniques in new ways, presenting her own interpretation of tattooing while expanding the art. From the experience of nature, she tries to collect every single perfection through her closed observation. As a former architect, Rit likes to explore the structure and form of both plants and bodies, finding just the right complementary pairing between the two.

    Family Life

    Rit Kit was born on 29 March 1993, in Ukraine. She grew up with her parents and completed her high school in there. Rit graduated from an art school and from an architectural academy. Though her studies or degree was in architecture, she started to illustrate through natural elements and move to Kiev for her career purpose.

    Associated with

    Ukrainian tattoo Artist Sasha Unisex also rose to huge popularity for her modern culture tattoos.


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