James Chatto

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    London, United Kingdom


    54 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation English Food Writer
    Nationality British
    Residence Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Known For Father of Mae Martin
    Education Westminster School and New College
    Children Mae Martin
    Spouses Wendy Martin


    James Chatto is an English food writer and is also known as the father of Mae Martin, a Canadian comedian, actor, and screenwriter. His most of writings are based on reviewing food, wine, and restaurants for Toronto Life. He still reviews restaurants and writes a monthly dining column for the magazine as a freelance writer. James is also active on social media including his Instagram account @thejameschatto with a huge fan following.

    Before Fame

    He moved to a remote village in Greece, where he and his Canadian wife, Wendy Martin, lived for four years, raising children, farming olives, and making wine at the age of 26.


    He is the author of three books about food, co-author of two more, and has contributed to seven other cookbooks: The Canadian Living Entertaining Cookbook (1990), The Eating Well Cookbook (USA, 1991), The Canadian Cooking Collection (1991), Country Cooking (1991), Canadian Living Desserts (1992), Canadian Living’s Best (1994) and Canadian Living’s Family Cookbook (1995).

    Family Life

    James Chatto was born in London, England, and educated at Westminster School and New College, Oxford. He married Canadian writer Wendy Martin and settled in Canada and started food vlogging. The couple had a daughter named Mae Martin who make controversy for her sexual position as gay.


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