Albert Anthony

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    September 9, 1981




    42 Years Old



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    Full Name Albert Anthony Bozulic
    Nationality Croatian-American


    Albert Anthony is the pen name of a Croatian-American leadership & management author of the 21st century.


    Albert Anthony is a native of Hoboken, New Jersey, born into a family of first-generation immigrants from coastal Croatia. He was born Albert Anthony Bozulic in April 1981.

    He traces his family lineage to the ancient city of Zadar, Croatia, and its surrounding region, which was for centuries part of the Republic of Venice and later the Kingdom of Dalmatia during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Albert attended Hoboken High School and Drew University. Besides being a native of the New York City area, he has also called home the Pacific Northwest, Austin Texas, as well as his grandparents’ native land of Croatia.

    He is listed as part of the leadership team at Albert Anthony & Co, a family capital asset management firm, as well as the creator of the Albert Anthony – Leadership Author channel on YouTube.

    A lover of film as well, he once took part in a casting call in 2017 for a feature film that was to be shot in Croatia.

    Professionally, he has worked in the IT sector in the US, served his nation during a tour of duty in federal uniform, and also underwent additional training from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, CompTIA, Microsoft, and Corporate Finance Institute. As of 2023, he is Microsoft Certified as well and lists himself on LinkedIn as an IT & Management Consultant.


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