Georgi Iliev

  • Politician

    May 18, 1974


    Sofia, Bulgaria


    49 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur, Politician
    Full Name Georgi Plamenov Iliev
    Known For Organizing concerts for many popular rock bands like Queen (band) and Metalica.
    Education Delhi University, New Bulgarian University
    Political Party Yes, Bulgaria!


    Georgi Iliev is a Bulgarian politician and entrepreneur, mayor of Slatina (district of Sofia), member of the National Council and the Executive Council of “Yes, Bulgaria!”. In addition to his political career, he has been involved in the advertising business since 1994 and international trade since 2000. He is a partner in companies in several EU countries, mainly engaged in outdoor advertising, trade, and the production of soft drinks, beer, and wine.


    Georgi Plamenov Iliev was born in Sofia on May 18, 1974. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University and has completed a semester-based Master of Business Administration at New Bulgarian University. He has three sons and one daughter.

    Public and Political Activities

    Georgi Iliev’s political career began as a civic activist in 2013 during the protests against the “Oresharski” cabinet. He created and participated in various initiatives and organizations such as “Coffee in front of the Parliament,” “Tent Camp,” “Protest Network,” “Chitalishte,” and others. On this occasion, he stated: “Everything I do as a businessman is meaningless if Bulgaria is engulfed in corruption and controlled by a mafia that is not even ashamed to parade with its power.”

    In 2015, Georgi Iliev became part of the initiative committee “Vote Without Borders,” which conducted an independent campaign in support of electronic voting in the 2015 Bulgarian Remote Voting Referendum, which ended successfully.

    In 2015, he also joined the initiative “Justice for All,” which advocates for the need for deep judicial reform.

    In 2016, Iliev became an active member of the initiative committee, led by Hristo Ivanov, Manuela Maleeva, and Kristian Takov, which aimed to establish a new political party with a primary mission of judicial reform and dismantling the corrupt governance model of the country, named “Yes, Bulgaria!” In 2017, on the day of its establishment, he was elected Chairman of the National Control Commission of the party for a three-year term. In the same year, he became a founder of the local organization “Yes, Bulgaria” in the Slatina district. He actively participated in campaigns, material preparation, venue arrangements, sound engineering, logistics, and live broadcasts.

    In 2018, he became a member of the Executive Council of “Yes, Bulgaria!”

    In 2019, he was nominated by Democratic Bulgaria and was elected mayor of the Slatina district in the 2019 Bulgarian local elections. His administration stood out for its daily reports, through which Georgi Iliev counted his days in service to the citizens and reported his work.


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