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Jonathan Hurst and Damion Shelton

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Agility Robotics is an American robotics company founded in 2015 as a spin-off of Oregon State University. Agility is best known for producing bipedal (two-legged) robots such as Cassie and Digit.


Jonathan Hurst and Damion Shelton founded Agility Robotics in 2015. Agility started by selling its first commercial robot Cassie to universities and research labs as a development, research, and testing platform. In 2019 Agility released Digit, building on the same two-legged dynamic stability as Cassie but with a torso and arms. At the same time Agility Robotics Partnered with Ford Motor Company to further develop a last-mile delivery solution that combines Ford’s autonomous vehicles and Agility’s robots. In 2020, DCVC and Playground Global co-led an investment along with TDK Ventures, MFV Partners, the Industrial Technology Investment Corporation, Sony Innovation Fund, and Safar Partners. The company became one of the members of the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund in April 2022.



Cassie is a dynamic bipedal robot that can walk and run in a fashion similar to that of humans or animals. It can handle diverse and complex terrain, making it perfect for search and rescue, or package delivery. Cassie currently holds the Guinness world record for the fastest 100-meter dash for a bipedal robot.


Digit is a humanoid robot designed to move in a more dynamic fashion than regular robots do. It has nimble limbs and a torso packed with sensors that will allow it to navigate complex environments and carry out tasks like package delivery.

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