Lee Seung Yoon

  • Singer-Songwriter

    August 21, 1989


    Seoul, South Korea


    34 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Singer-songwriter and record producer
    Years Active 2011–present
    Record Label MAREUMO, Kakao Entertainment
    Origin Seoul, South Korea
    Genres Pop rock, K-pop rock, arena rock, electropop, indie pop, folk, synth pop, R&B, Hip hop, R&B, Jazz, alternative rock


    Lee Seung Yoon (Korean: 이승윤; Hanja: 李承允; abbreviated as LSY; born August 21, 1989) is a South

    Korean singer-songwriter and record producer. He creates K-pop rock music and performs his songs both as a solo artist and as part of a project band with his singer-songwriter colleagues. This versatility allows him to showcase his talents in different settings. Lee made his official debut in 2013 with the single “Today” and had since been involved in band projects, such as Alary-Kansion, while also pursuing a successful solo career.

    Lee Seung Yoon gained exposure through the JTBC music audition program “Sing Again” in 2021, where he impressed audiences with his unconventional arrangement skills and charismatic stage presence. He went on to win the competition. after a decade of being unknown. His YouTube videos have received over 10 million views, demonstrating his popularity. On the spin-off program “Famous Singers (2021),” LSY became a famous singer and once again showcased his talent through rearrangements and singing of songs by legendary singers.

    LSY’s signature sound seems to be characterized by astral and celestial effects that transport listeners to a universelike state, earning him comparisons to Coldplay. However, LSY’s musical versatility allows him to explore a diverse range of genres beyond his signature style, including folk, hip-hop, rap, synth-pop, punk-rock, hard rock, R&B, jazz, and strings as the situation calls for.

    After winning the show, LSY released full length studio album Even If Things fall apart (폐허가 된다 해도) (2021) followed by Digital Single Unspoken (들려주고 싶었던) (2021). Even If Things fall apart was elected as IZM’s 2022 ‘Korean Album of the Year’. As a newforce in the revitalized K-pop rock scene following the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee Seung Yoon has taken the stage as a headliner or bodyliner at major rock and music festivals such as Pentaport Rock Festival in 2022. In February of that year, he held his first solo concert “Docking” at the Olympic Hall, and in November, he held solo concert “Love in Seoul 2022” at the prestigious Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, a venue reserved for only the most renowned public singers.

    Prior to the release of his second full-length album, He released two digital singles, D.S. 1 “Upon A Smile” (웃어주었어) in Dec.2022 and “D.S 2 “Pricey Hangover” (비싼숙취) in Jan. 2023, consecutively to promote the album. On Jan. 26, 2023, his second full-length studio album, “Shelter of Dreams,” was released. Its first-week sales recorded over 80,000, which was an outstanding achievement for a singer-songwriter in South Korea.

    The 2023 Lee Seung-yoon National Tour Concert ‘DOCKING’ will be held on Feb.18-19 at Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium, which was sold out in 3 min.

    Early Life

    Lee Seung Yoon (LSY) was inspired by the cool appearance of his older brother playing the guitar, and taught himself how to play the instrument in just one month intensively during junior high. Ever since then, he has been writing songs, and one of his earliest compositions, “Together Scattered Dreams,” was released as a track on the album “Even if Things Fall Apart”(2021).


    As a solo artist

    Though LSY officially debuted with his solo album “Today” in 2015, and gained exposure as a finalist in the MBC Campus Song Festival with his song “There Won’t Be (없을걸)” in 2011 first. As a solo artist, he performed his songs with an acoustic guitar at various events throughout South Korea. He has released multiple singles, including “How Pretty the Moon is” and “From the Dawn,” in 2018 and 2019 respectively at that time. It was at a local festival, where he was performing as a featured artist, that he met Joe Hee-won and the two began to collaborate musically, eventually forming the band “Alary-Kansion”.


    Alary-Kansion, a combination of the words “alary” and “cansion” (song in Spanish), was a self-made term coined by LSY when he was young. He wanted to observe and understand how buzz words spread in society, and would use “Alary-Kansion” as a placeholder instead of expressions like “whatchamacallit” or “thingy.” Eventually, the band members chose LSY’s suggestion “Alary-Kansion” as the name of the band. Interestingly, they didn’t know the meaning of the term at the time, and it wasn’t until a Spanish customer at a club informed them after watching their performance.

    “Alary-Kansion” performed and released albums in the Hongdae district, a hub for indie music, where each member is a singer-songwriter who also pursues individual musical projects. The creation of “Let’s Fly (날아가자)” which was written spontaneously by Joe Hee Won (synth sounds) and Lee Seung Yoon (lyrics and melody) right after they met was the spark that led to Langse and Ji Yong Hee joining the band, completing its lineup.

    The song “Gainism” that LSY performed on the stage of “Sing Again” gained exposure to the public, showcasing their unique style of music. Let’s Fly – single (2019), To say stereotypedly – Single (2019), Gibberish – EP (2019), Gainism – single (2020) were released under Alary-Kansion. After LSY won the audition, the members decided to disband and pursue their individual paths as they initially designed.


    After winning on the “Sing Again” competition, LSY started performing as a solo artist, while colleagues still support his musical path for performances and records. Lee has established a distinctive style by blending various musical genres, such as Brit Pop and R&B, and creating a genre of his own. He possesses exceptional versatility as a vocalist, enabling him to explore a broader musical landscape. Lee’s lyrics, which can be intimate, reflective, or daring, reflect his fearless approach as a “sound messenger,” delivering powerful messages through his music. He has continued to reinforce this image with each of his works to date.

    Public image

    As much as his broad music style does, it appears that Lee Seung Yoon is a musician who blurs the lines between being a singer-songwriter, a band member, and a K-pop idol. He mainly performs as a band for his fulll-band rock music style but promotes himself as a singer-songwriter Lee Seung Yoon. However, due to his idol-like appearance and the expectations of his fans, he also has to maintain an somewhat idol-fan relationship.

    Musical style and influences

    Lee Seung Yoon’s musical style has mainly been described as pop rock, K-pop, K-pop rock, electropop, indie pop, indie rock, arena rock, and alternative rock. His music also contains influences from synth-pop, folk, drum and bass, industrial, Jazz, R&B, and hip hop. LSY has stated that his musical influence comes from the British rock band Oasis and the Britpop genre. His music showcases full-band sounds created with the help of up to 4 guitars and MTR, and even strings are frequently utilized. LSY loves to sing along and incorporates sing-along elements in his songwriting, even during the period when he was an obscure singer-songwriter with only a guitar.



    As a talented singer-songwriter, LSY penned all of his own songs (except for one lyrics). Aside from composition, arrangement, his songs attract and trap listeners with his powerful and evocative lyrics, which sometimes carry a hint of sarcasm, offer comfort, or impart hope. Having always dreamed of becoming a writer from a young age, it’s no surprise that his fanbase is drawn to the depth and nuance of his words. As much as his celestial music sounds, he likes to use space-related subjects on his titles and lyrics such as How Pretty the Moon is Track 2. Mr. Obscurity from Earth. ,Track 4. How Pretty the Moon is. Example Lyrics are listed as below.


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