Anton Giuroiu

  • Architect

    January 19, 1992


    Bucharest, Romania


    32 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Architect
    Nationality Romanian
    Notable Work Architecture Lab (CEO)
    Homesthetics, Co-founder of and MKR.S.
    Education "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, National Computer College Tudor Vianu


    Anton Giuroiu was born on January 19, 1992, in Bucharest, Romania. He is an architect based in Bucharest, Romania, is the CEO and Co-founder of Architecture Lab, founder of Homesthetics, and Co-founder of and MKR.S.


    Anton Giuroiu is a highly accomplished professional in the field of architecture. He is currently the CEO and Editor of Architecture Lab. This platform aims to connect architects and designers worldwide, showcasing the latest architectural news, projects, and competitions. He also contributes to MYMOVE, a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to move or improve their homes.

    Anton is from Bucharest, Romania, and studied at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture in Bucharest. His education and passion for architecture have led him to become a RIBA-accredited architect. His work with the platform involves writing and editing articles on various architectural topics, from the significance of architecture in video game design to the history and identification of Chippendale furniture.

    He holds a Master’s in Architecture from Ion Mincu University, specializing in Restoration and Industrial Heritage. Anton’s expertise spans architecture, sustainable living, interior design, and furniture design. He excels in online marketing and is pivotal in expanding Architecture Lab and Homesthetics Magazine. His approach to architecture emphasizes materiality and design language, aiming to create timeless and expressive designs. Anton is also involved in content creation and project management, leveraging his diverse skills to promote architecture and design globally.

    Anton Giuroiu is an architect at, a practice he co-founded with Cristina Giuroiu in late 2021. He enjoys being a part of all the design stages, from AutoCAD, SketchUp, or other 3D Rendering Software to post-editing in Photoshop and from laser cutting and engraving to full-fledged architecture models. He is also an award-winning designer of the Mora35 Residential at the A’Design Awards and Arch Design Award. Anton is a giant pencil and mechanical pencil geek with more than 100 pencils and mechanical pencils. He loves writing, drawing, and drafting instruments like no one else.


    Anton Giuroiu, the current CEO of Architecture Lab, has a diverse background in architecture and design. He joined Architecture Lab in 2017 and has since played a pivotal role in its exponential growth, transforming it into a global reference point for creatives ranging from DIY enthusiasts to professional architects, interior designers, and engineers. Before joining Architecture Lab, Anton founded Homesthetics Magazine in 2012, a platform he created to archive his favorite architecture and design projects. Homesthetics grew into an authority in its niche, shaping Anton’s years of marketing experience. His expertise has since been instrumental in expanding the Architecture Lab’s area of knowledge by inviting certified experts into the team and refreshing the curatorial process to ensure the most trustworthy advice possible in architecture and design.


    Anton Giuroiu received his Master of Architecture from the Ion Mincu University of Architecture in Bucharest, Romania 2017, emphasizing Restoration and Industrial Heritage. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Colegiul National de Informatica Tudor Vianu from 2011 to 2017. His educational background and expertise in architecture and design have been instrumental in expanding the scope of ArchitectureLab, making it a global reference point for creatives worldwide.


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