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Online magazine


January 19, 2008


Aline Chahine and Anton Giuroiu (CEO)

Architecture Lab Info
Origin Romania
Location Bucharest, Romania
Key People Anton Giuroiu (CEO)
Parent Company, Homesthetics
Official website


Architecture Lab is an MKR.S Media brand website that began in 2008 to make architecture more connected and bring together architects and designers from around the world. The founder of Architecture Lab is Aline Chahine, an architect who shaped the foundation and created the content curation process that defines today’s online magazine.


Architecture Lab is an accessible platform that encourages interaction and engagement with its audience. They have made several avenues available for communication and inquiries. The current CEO of Architecture Lab is Anton Giuroiu, who joined the platform in 2017. Since his arrival, the platform has grown and become a global reference point in design for a wide range of creatives, from DIY enthusiasts to professional architects.

They are based in the digital realm, operating primarily online, which allows them to reach a global audience without the constraints of a physical location. They offer a variety of content related to architecture, from school projects and architecture portfolios to the newest buildings. It provides over a thousand projects across different categories, including DIY, residential, public, governmental, and offices to landscape and hotels.

The platform reviews appliances and technology, offering practical advice for home and garden enthusiasts. This company’s mission is to serve as a passion-driven community of people specialized in art, architecture, and design, feeding the world with the most extraordinary projects brought forward by professionals around the globe.



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