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    12 September 1999




    24 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Recording artist, Youtuber
    Artist Wirtual
    Years Active 2014 - present
    Nationality Norweigan
    Citizenship Norweigan
    Genres Gaming


    Wirtual is a Norweigan-based twitch streamer/ Youtuber, Recording artist, Trackmania player, commentator, and tournament organizer. He is known for his content creation on Twitch and Youtube where he currently has 4 channels: Wirtual, WirtualTV, Wirtual Clips, and WirtualVODS.

    Wirtual is most known on uncovering the cheating scandal in Trackmania Nations Forever, which involved top players, such as Riolu which is a close friend of him, beating Trackmania in the hardest twists possible and his Twitch Chat getting world records in a game called Marbles on Stream.

    He has also done videos where he plays through Trackmania Nation’s Forever but he plays it with a twist.

    Personal Life

    Wirtual was born on the 12th of September 1999, in Norway as Øyvind, but he wants his Chat to called him by his pseudonym Wirtual. He was living with his parents up until November 2021, when he bought a house and moved out. He is currently living with his streamer friends Majijej, and Jnic.


    He started playing Trackmania since 2014, when he also created his channel called Wirtual and a uploaded his First video called “Trackmania: Cut Clearout” a year later.

    Trackmania Speedrunning

    He got his first recorded “World Record” in Trackmania in the track called “Tech Hunt # 002.” with a time of 8.72 seconds on 14 Jul 2014. Wirtual later got his first campaign World Record on the track called “A-13 Race” with a time of 28.08 which has been beaten by 7 other player since then, and places 8th on the leader-board to date. He currently holds 2 world record in the campaign with D-14 Endurance and D-13 Race.


    Kacky is a 2-times a year competition that features wicked and hard-to-beat maps.

    He started playing Kacky in it’s 4th edition known as Kackiest Kacky 4 where he would also win the cup, finishing 50/50 maps winning the tiebreaker for first with an average of 8.6 beating dennis090 (50/50 – 15.6). Again, finishing 5th the next edition (KK5) finishing 41/50 with an average place of 54.9.


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