Top 5 celebrities who used digital dating platforms

Have you been tempted to try online dating? You just never know who you might come across in this environment. So many celebrities are shying away from the hectic after-show parties, where their every move is scrutinized by tabloid reporters. Instead, they’re gravitating to the much more discreet communication channels offered by digital dating outlets. If you’ve ever asked the question, ‘Where can I find interesting hookups in my area?’ going online could open up so many possibilities. You just might find yourself interacting with some Hollywood A-lister seeking a ‘civilian’ partner! To inspire your foray into Internet dating, here are the top five celebs who’ve succumbed to digital dating.

Charli XCX

Born in the cathedral city of Cambridge in England, the dynamic singer/songwriter altered her name to Charlie XCX and went on to become one of the UK’s most prominent pop singers. Her meteoric rise began when she posted her self-penned songs on MySpace, leading to her performing at warehouse raves. Since those inauspicious beginnings, she has gone on to become a chart-dominating star, not only gaining accolades for her material but co-writing songs for some of pop music’s biggest names, including Selena Gomez and Iggy Azalea. Away from her musical career, she has been open about her use of dating apps to socialize. She even used a well-known matchmaking outlet to recruit men to appear in one of her videos.

Zac Efron

Californian Celebrities Zac Efron is one of the many successful actors whose first break came via teenage drama. Starring in the phenomenally successful franchise, High School Musical, his combination of a charming personality and drop-dead good looks saw him propelled to stardom. He has since gone on to feature in numerous successful films, stretching his acting ability to play the serial killer Ted Bundy in a highly-acclaimed performance in 2019, as well as winning an Emmy award. You would assume Efron would have his pick of prospective partners from among his leading ladies, but he has also been known to dip into digital dating. His current girlfriend is someone he met when she was waiting on him in a restaurant, proving he is no stranger to brushing shoulders with ‘ordinary’ singles!

Katy Perry

The American singer-songwriter Katy Perry has become a phenomenally successful pop singer, leading to her being dubbed ‘The Queen of Camp’ by the influential Vogue magazine. An early attempt to launch a career in gospel music never quite took off, but when she released her debut pop single, ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ alluding to bisexual experimentation, she rocketed to stardom. She has enjoyed 5 US number-one singles and gained legions of fans. In between high-profile relationships, she has admitted to having a fondness for certain dating apps.

Sam Smith

London-born pop and soul singer Sam Smith has enjoyed massive chart success with various singles. Identifying as non-binary and therefore using the appropriate pronouns, they have topped the charts across the world. Despite their prominence as one of the world’s foremost singers, they have also admitted they have dabbled in well-known dating apps. They admitted the biggest hurdle in their way was convincing the other singles they weren’t catfish!

Sharon Stone

The star actress of Basic Instinct who caused a furor for that famous leg-crossing scene, Sharon Stone has gone on to appear in numerous well-received films. Despite socializing with movie stars, she is another personality who has been open about taking advantage of digital matchmaking. Like Smith, one issue she faced was coming across some users who were skeptical about her profile is authentic. Luckily, others were far more amenable to chatting!