Sarid Drory

  • Entrepreneur

    October 19, 1964


    Kibbutz Sarid, Israel


    59 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur
    Other Name Vincent Sarid Drory
    Nationality Italian
    Citizenship American & Italian
    Residence New York
    Height 1.80m (6 foot 0)


    American-Israeli Entrepreneur Sarid Drory rose his fame as a celebrated Chef & Chairman based in New York City. He is the Owner and Founder of Artisanal Fromagerie Group & Bistro. Besides his profession, Sarid gained huge popularity on social media platforms. He has been reached more than 7K fans on Instagram, where he updates his daily activity, travels, hangout pictures. His professional Linkedin account has around 300 connections from all over the world. The entrepreneur is also available on social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & other social communication platforms.

    Before Fame

    During serving in the special forces in Israel as Lieutenant, the first managing experience he had is from the carpet and floor cleaning industry.


    As a specialist in the development, construction, and growth of leading restaurant properties, Sarid grew his popularity. He gained 26 years of experience in New York working in the restaurant industry and built a hospitality area with exotic foods and beverages. After organizing places like Cub Room and The Waverly Inn, he became famous hot spots in NYC. Vincent Sarid Drory founded his Artisanal Bistro, NYC’s first artisanal food entry located on 2 Park Avenue. Where he is offering 81 types of wine by the glass to match the existing menu of 197 types of cheese. He is also the owner of the club Fat Baby, which he bought for $3 million. In addition, apart from his restaurant business, he works on helping people develop their properties into a great name.

    Personal Life

    Sarid Drory was born on October 19, 1964, in Kibbutz Sarid, Israel. He is a successful entrepreneur. He grew up with his parents and brother in Israel. Furthermore, Sarid moved to the United States of America and completed his studies.

    Associated with

    He started his YouTube channel, ‘Vincent Sarid Drory‘ in 2021. Where he uploads a series of videos, ‘Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro NY Cocktail’.


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