Patrick Van Negri

  • Content Creator

    September 25, 1990


    Pula, Croatia


    33 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Content Creator
    Full Name Patrick Van Negri
    Other Name Patrick Negri
    Nationality Croatia
    Residence Miami, FL, United States


    Patrick Van Negri was born on September 25, 1990, in Pula, Croatia. He is Content Creator, Photographer, Creative Director, Blogger, GQ Insider, and Influencer, among other things, from Miami, Florida, sharing his life online and running his blog with clients such as Dolce & Gabbana, Four Givenchy, Seasons, GQ, The Macallan, Tanqueray, Limited, Ralph Lauren, Dove, Uber, Walgreens, Nordstrom and Bacardi among many others.

    Career & Lifestyle

    He is highly motivated, driven, passionate individual who has a strong dedication about learning and executing duties efficiently in order to achieve goals and success. Everything He undertake He do it with great enthusiasm, as a creative team player with robust leadership and artistic skills. As a former international student, it is in my nature to adapt in every setting, and to learn and understand rapidly.

    Patrick Van Negri primary goal is to identify problems and create feasible solutions that are setting the organisation back, identify and attack the opportunities, and improve the efficiency to the max, as you can identify those skills through his previous job experiences. his aspirations in life are to strive for excellence, to inspire and motivate all the hardworking dreamers and believers, to prove that nothing is impossible if you apply hard-work and consistency. Finally, Patrick would end this summary by stating his philosophy: “If it could be better, it is as good as broken.”


    Patrick Van Negri completed his studies from Florida International University.


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