Luke Hodson

  • Entrepreneur

    April 21, 1988


    London, United Kingdom


    36 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur & Founder of NERDS Collective
    Nationality British
    NERDS Collective
    Education Manchester Metropolitan University


    Luke Hodson was born on April 21, 1988, in London, United Kingdom. He is an Entrepreneur, award-winning culture marketing specialist, passionate about placing brands at the heart of street culture whilst empowering the grassroots communities that drive it. Forbes and Campaign 30 Under 30 Winner, founder and CEO of youth culture marketing agency NERDS Collective and Dyslexic.

    Career & Life Style

    Luke Hodson, a born and bred Londoner, grew up with the underground movement Grime. This instilled a deep-rooted fascination and respect for street culture and an ambition to spotlight and champion the inner-city individuals and grassroots communities driving these scenes.

    Government spending on youth services has been cut by 70% since 2010. Luke believes global brands should use their resources and means to create a positive impact within the youth communities that need it most, especially as inner-city youth drive cultural equity and heat for many brands.

    Luke set his sights on understanding how to engage the support of brands that might be willing to facilitate these emerging sub-cultures by studying Brand Management at MMU.

    Distracted by the gravity of his extracurricular endeavours, club promotion and street marketing, Luke failed each of the three years of his degree and was kicked out. Not one to take failure lightly, Luke campaigned to get back on track with his studies and was invited to retake his final year. He passed and was awarded a scholarship for his efforts.

    Doubling down on his mission to facilitate youth culture, Luke founded NERDS Collective; focussing on marginalised, unrepresented and under-resourced youth, and seeking out brand partners that share his purpose and vision.


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