Joe Hawley

  • Musician

    September 23, 1982


    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States


    41 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Musician, Singer-songwriter
    Full Name Joseph Robert Hawley
    Years Active 2002–present
    Nationality American
    Known For Red Tie
    Record Label Atlantic, Quack!Media
    Genres Alternative rock, indie pop, comedy, novelty


    Joseph Robert Hawley, also known as Joe Hawley, is an American singer-songwriter. He is mostly known as the lead singer, vocalist, guitarist, and co-writer for the “fabloo” indie rock band Tally Hall.

    In addition, Hawley is also known for his solo work as a musician, primarily from his albums “Hawaii: Part II” and “Joe Hawley Joe Hawley”

    Early life

    Joe Hawley was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

    Hawley attended Hickory Grove Elementary School, he earned Student of The Week for his excellent academic performance in 1988. He also attended East Hills Middle School in 1994 and Lahser High School in 1997. He graduated in 2001 and attended the University of Michigan, where he began his studies in screenwriting—he used his experience to help develop Tally Hall’s internet show, known as the Tally Hall Internet Show (T.H.I.S.). He graduated from the University of Michigan with honors in 2005.

    While at the University of Michigan, Hawley met Tally Hall members Andrew Horowitz, Zubin Sedghi, Ross Federman, and Rob Cantor.


    Since 2002, Joe Hawley has been the lead singer, vocalist, and guitarist of Tally Hall. As of 2011, Tally Hall has remained on hiatus with each band member parting ways to focus on solo careers. Hawley is known for his red tie in the band. He joined Rob Cantor, Andrew Horowitz, and Zubin Sedghi in their band during their time attending the University of Michigan. According to Hawley, he was “very surprised” when Cantor invited him to the band, as Cantor told Hawley he would be an “adequate lead guitarist” based on Hawley’s previous projects. He helped create the Tally Hall Internet Show, from his experiences as a screenwriter at the University of Michigan.

    Joe Hawley’s career as a member of Tally Hall saw the release of two full-length albums: Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum (2005), and Good & Evil (2011). The band also released two full demo albums, titled Complete Demos (2004) and Admittedly Incomplete Demos (2015).


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