Jake Shaw

  • Entrepreneur

    April 1, 1991


    Blackpool, England


    33 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Music Marketer, Entrepreneur
    Nationality British
    Website jakeshaw.co.uk


    Jake Shaw (born April 1, 1991) is a British music marketing entrepreneur and founder of YourOwnMusic, an online music marketing agency. He specializes in organic growth and has a reputation for assisting independent artists in building their online presence.

    Early Life and Career

    Jake Shaw was born on April 1, 1991, in Blackpool, England. His passion for music led him to start his career in the music industry as a producer and promoter after dropping out of college.

    Founding YourOwnMusic

    In 2018, Jake Shaw founded YourOwnMusic, an online marketing agency for independent artists, which prioritizes organic growth. The company has worked with over 50,000 artists globally and is known for its commitment to genuine growth.


    Jake Shaw has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, 1.5 million Instagram followers, and a significant following on other platforms. His online music marketing agency, YourOwnMusic, has helped over 50,000 independent artists gain real followers worldwide. He has worked with famous artists like Skrillex, Young Thug, and Santan Dave.

    Notable Media Coverage

    Jake Shaw has been featured in many publications including Forbes, The Source, Village Voice, and Vents Magazine, where he shared his insights on building a loyal following, exposing new artists to audiences, helping emerging talent, and the impact of digital technologies on the music industry during the pandemic.

    Personal Life

    Shaw is a Christian and is currently in a relationship. He stands at 5’10” tall, has blue eyes, and weighs 168 lbs.


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