Jake Muscles

  • Public Figure

    September 16 2005


    Liverpool, England


    18 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Singer-songwriter
    Artist Jake
    Nationality British
    Known For Comedic singer-songwriter
    Genres Comedy, pop, house, R&B


    Jake Muscles (born September 16, 2005), is a comedic singer-songwriter from Liverpool, England, that is most commonly known for being the lead singer and the creator of pop duo Zedned. He and fellow band members both independently made and signed to labels Machomuscles and Superkeith Records in 2022.

    Early life

    Jake Muscles was born in Liverpool, England, and moved down to Southampton when he was just a newborn baby. His full name is unknown to us, there are no sources to confirm his full legal name.


    2015-2020: musical.ly and Funimate

    He started off posting videos of himself on the app musical.ly in the summer of 2015, he gained a following of over 2000 at just aged 9. He then later moved to another platform called Funimate in the same year where he gained a following over his time on the platform, he then later blew up and became verified in 2020 on the app.

    2019-present: Zedned, TikTok rise and solo career

    Jake Muscles and his fellow friend and bandmate Molly started writing songs in 2019. In 2021, the two of them started making album covers for a joke and kept using the band name Zedned, that’s when they both decided to start making a comedy band out of the name.

    In 2021, Jake became a rising sensation on TikTok with over 54,000 followers. He became popular over a video about abandoned childhood TV sets, he amassed over 10 million views with one video, and he later began making a series of parts. In part two of the series, Jake caught the eye of a large audience, he showed the abandoned set of the hit TV show Splatalot, Jake wrote that Splatalot “was left abandoned after the show ended because of child torture on set”. This sent people commenting and questioning what actually happened, Jake replied to a comment saying “There were speculations about the Australian host doing some sexual torture, so they had to cancel the show globally.” The video is now private due to the amount of backlash he received.

    Back into Zedned, the duo debuted on Soundcloud in late 2021 with their single “Fuck It, I Love You”, but it wasn’t until April 8, 2022, that they actually debuted to major platforms with their debut single “Sex/Monopoly”, which is included on their fourth studio album Street Days.


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