David Elliot Penton

  • Mechanic

    February 9, 1958


    Columbus, Ohio, United States


    66 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Mechanic, Serial Killer
    Nationality American
    Citizenship United States


    David Elliot Penton was born on February 9, 1958, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. He was an American child molester and serial killer. Penton, an Ohio native, and mechanic, was convicted of manslaughter in the child abuse death of his own infant son in 1984; during an appeal of his sentence, he fled and remained a fugitive until 1987, when he was charged and convicted with the murder of a friend’s 9-year-old niece in Ohio.

    Early life

    David Elliot Penton was born an only child on February 9, 1958, in Columbus, Ohio, and was raised by his mother after his father abandoned both David and his mother when he was a child. After graduating high school he joined the U.S. Army in 1977 working as a track vehicle mechanic until 1984.

    Since being confined in 1988, David Elliot Penton has denied scores of interviews sought by local and national media outlets, but he granted the interview with the Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph. Kenneth Dean traveled to Ohio to meet the man, who authorities say has claimed to fellow cellmates of abducting and killing at least 50 children.


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