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Jan 1, 2015


Lisa McLaughlin, Robin McIntosh

Workit Health Info
Legal Name Workit Health, Inc.
Origin United States
Location Great Lakes, Midwestern USA
Num Employees 250+
Revenue $138M
Official website


Workit Health was founded Jan 1, 2015 founded by Robin McIntosh, Lisa McLaughlin. They are a virtual clinic dedicated to medically-assisted treatment and online therapy for substance use disorder.


Workit Health is the industry-leading provider of clinically proven telemedicine treatment for substance use disorder, offering online therapy, medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric support, and primary care via the Workit Health mobile app.

They brings the gold standard of substance use treatment into the privacy of people’s homes at the moment. They are ready for help. Allowing people to find long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol with minimal disruption to their daily life.

With simple online scheduling, virtual visits, and medication e-prescribed to a local pharmacy. They makes it simple for people to receive the gold standard of substance use disorder treatment. Not everyone struggles with standalone substance use disorder. So Workit offers support for common co-occurring mental and physical conditions, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, hepatitis C, and PrEP for HIV.

Workit Health is a B-corporation dedicated to making a positive social impact. they are accredited by the Joint Commission. And has partnered with the National Science Foundation and National Institute on Drug Abuse. The company is headquartered in Michigan, with over 250 employees nationwide and clinic locations in ten states.

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