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Hrvoje Milakovic & Robert Milakovic

Way of Martial Arts Info
Legal Name Way of Martial Arts
Origin Croatia
Location Zadarska 6, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
Services Martial Arts and Combat Sports


Way of Martial Arts is one of the biggest and more respected sites devoted to Martial Arts and Combat Sports located in Zadarska 6, 31000 Osijek, Croatia. It is run by a small group patient of martial arts enthusiasts. The company started its journey with a group of the passionate editorial staff and the addition of some outstanding coaches, practitioners, and teachers. With indomitable services, they gained early fame including on social networking sites.


After gaining years of experience in various martial arts and combat sports, working with children, amateurs, and professionals, together with Hrvoje Milakovic & Robert Milakovic found the platforms in 2019. The martial company is conducted by current and former coaches in different martial arts and combat sports, including but not limited to MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, boxing, and others.


Way of Martial Arts by INCOMERA provides many services including the information you need to start your martial arts and combat sports journey. The company’s website contains a variety of different content. You will find information about various martial arts and their equipment, rules, interpretations, comparisons, and all the latest news from the world of martial arts and combat sports. Way of Martial Arts is updated with new articles regularly. Where they mostly published martial-based articles for fulfilling the knowledge of their martial art learners.

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