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Brianna Keefe

Toastique Info
Origin United States
Location Washington, D.C.
Key People Brianna Keefe
Area Served United States
Num Employees 11-50
Services a boutique gourmet toast and juice bar
Revenue $7 million (approximately)


Toastique is a boutique gourmet toast and juice bar located in Washington, D.C. Founded by Brianna Keefe, an entrepreneur, and businesswoman who has been listed on Forbes under Food & Drink in 2022. The company gained huge popularity includes with social networking sites. Besides its four corporate locations outlet, also runs an online service where customers can order any items via the website.


Though Toastique was founded in 2018, Brianna grew up her affection for food began in high school when she made smoothies & juice every day, sparking the dream of owning her health cafe. After her college age, as a D1 athlete, she quickly learned how important it was to have wholesome meals throughout the day to keep her energy up while on the go. Keefe always appreciates the color of the fresh, crisp produce, and mixes it with her passion and love of healthy living to create the beautiful delicacies of Toastique.

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