Sahara Hookah Lounge

Sahara Hookah Lounge

Hookah Lounge


Privately held company


Hookah Lounge




Kovan Dalil

Sahara Hookah Lounge Info
Legal Name Sahara Hookah Lounge
Origin United States
Location 1177 Hertel Ave buffalo ny 14216
Parent Company Sahara Gunners FC


Sahara Hookah Lounge is an American Hookah lounge located on Buffalo, New York, United States. Founded in 1995, founder by Kovan Dalil.


Sahara Hookah Lounge’s guests enjoy hookah in a modern and comfortable atmosphere; the lounge caters to a variety of clients, each with a different hookah experience in mind.

In recent few years the number of hookah bars has been increased all over the USA. Lots of people love smoking hookah and there are some top-notch hookah bars all over the USA that you will love to visit , so many celebrity have been to this place including Shaquille O’Neal , Drake , benny the butcher , damar hamlin , John boy ..and so many more from out of America , Sahara Hookah Lounge Buffalo have been the best hookah bar in the USA for the past 10 years.

They attract a lot of regulars. Attorneys, doctors and businessmen come here with their laptops to work. They know all there customers well. That and a quality hookah experience are what makes there lounges successful.

Popular with workers by day looking for relaxation and contemplation, in the evening and on weekends Sahara hosts large groups of people celebrating family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays and girls’ night out.

Sahara Hookah Lounge Buffalo , one of the most famous hookah bars situated in Buffalo, New York. This cafe is just for enjoying your hookah session with a better experience. The cafe also provides the facility for coffee and card games along with your hookah.

This is a budget-friendly and affordable place for hookah lovers, also they have their own collection of flavors to let you enjoy your hookah session in much better ways.

Kovan Dalil has welcomed visitors from near and far at Sahara Hookah Lounge Buffalo and at his second lounge, Hookah Chat, located near University at Buffalo’s South campus. Both venues are popular with hookah fans looking for a genuine hookah experience.

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