Sahara Gunners FC

Sahara Gunners FC

Soccer club




Soccer club




Kovan Dalil, Arkan Almadrhie

Sahara Gunners FC Info
Legal Name Sahara Gunners FC
Origin United States
Location Buffalo, New York, United States
Services Soccer team


Sahara Gunners FC is an American Soccer club based in Buffalo, New York, United States, and a United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) and U.S. Open Cup member. Also, they are starting an academy and working on the u16, and u17 teams.


Sahara Gunners FC is an American soccer club founded by Kovan Dalil and Arkan Almadrhie in 2001 in Buffalo, New York. They are one of the largest and most popular soccer teams in Buffalo, facilitating games that are both social and competitive in nature.

They strive to provide soccer games of many formats that will appeal to both men and women of all ability levels. Their games are ideal for those who are aged 18 and over, looking to make new friends and improve their lifestyle with a fun hobby involving fitness.

Buffalo’s Sahara Gunners FC are making their debut in Open Cup qualifying and finished the UPSL Western NY Division season with an 8-2-0 record, falling short of the Division title by just one on goal difference. The Gunners play in Division 1, which is one step below UPSL Premier. They won division 1 and moved to the united premier soccer league.

Team Roster


Position Name
Coach Kabura Elias
Coach Yaser Karim
Coach Amy Villarini
Owner & Manager Arkan Amran, Kovan dalil

Players List

Name Position/Jersey Number
Callum Christie Goalkeeper
Van Leng Goalkeeper
Abdullah Aljashaam Goalkeeper
Hsa Soe 2
Ahamd Hassoon 3
Kibrom 4
Kee Doe 5
Yassine Bouazzaoui 6
Abdullahi Hussein 7
Haider Hamed 8
Haryana Thomas 9
Zakaria Shaibi 10
Hussein Challoob 11
Meper Htoo 12
Hindreen Dalil 13
Mohammed Anas 14
vincent Dibello 15
Samuel Weaver 16
Moe Yahya 17
Omran Dalil 18
Mubarat Muhammad 19
Mchwe Jeto 20
Mustafa Wisam 21
Hasklo Moo 22
Issak Sabtow 23
Jaafar Kadoom 24
Ali Alhadda 25
Majed Mohamed 26
Kovan Dalil 30

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