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Hillary Taymour

Collina Strada Info
Origin United States of America
Location New York City
Services Apparel, accessories
Official website


Collina Strada is an American ready-to-wear fashion brand founded by Hillary Taymour. The designer is noted for being an industry champion in environmentally responsible bases, using biodegradable, deadstock, organic, or recycled materials.


Collina Strada was founded in August 2009 by Hillary Taymour while she was a student. Charlie Engman is the brand’s art director. The brand is known for its bright humor and positivity as well as its Y2K, club-kid aesthetic which includes tie-dyed, oversized garments and cozy pants and sweatshirts, frills, crotchet and lace, and swapping anthropomorphism for anamorphism. Fashion critic Rachel Tashjian notes that Taymour’s label is both, “hiker-rave-chic” and “the sexy environmentalist’s Oscar de la Renta.”

Clothing for the brand is produced in small quantities in New York, emphasizing sustainable fabrics, and has a partnership with a Ghana-based textile waste not-for-profit called the OR Foundation to reuse materials.

Collina Strada was nominated for a CDFA award in 2019. In 2021, they were selected by the Gucci designer Alessandro Michele’s digital festival, GucciFest, and they have collaborated with other brands such as Levi’s, Reebok, and Vans. The brand was included in the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the musician Kim Petras wore a dress from the label to the 202 Met Gala.

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