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Musical band



Bite Me Bambi Info
Genre Ska
Origin United States
Location Orange County, California
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Bite Me Bambi is a ska band from Orange County, California. The band was formed of members of several Orange County bands, including vocalist Tahlena Chikami from Karate in the Garage, T-Bone Willy and Brian Mashburn of Save Ferris and Starpool, and Mike Berault of My Superhero. The band plays energetic songs, taking inspiration from both British two-tone and third-wave ska.


Following Chikami’s departure from her previous band, Karate in the Garage, and the band Starpool going on hiatus, Chikami and Starpool members Williams and Mashburn came together to form a new project in 2018. Filling in their lineup with musicians from the Southern California ska scene, Bite Me Bambi played their first show in July 2018. The band has since worked to build itself up by opening for a host of third-wave ska bands, including Fishbone, The Selecter, and Reel Big Fish. Taking an unconventional approach to releasing music, the band hasn’t released a full-length album but instead periodically releases singles, each with an accompanying music video. As of 2023, the band has an active presence, performing karaoke-style requests and interacting with fans.

Bite Me Bambi’s name is a quote from the movie Josie and the Pussycats.

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