Brent Ritz

  • Entrepreneur

    December 16, 1968


    Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States


    55 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur
    Nationality American
    Citizenship United States
    Known For Founder of UBER


    American Entrepreneur Brent Ritz has been involved in the development of a number of the World’s Number One Brands.

    Currently, he is the Founder, Chairman, and Architect of UBER, and the company was founded in 2006.


    During his time as the Managing Director of Black Diamond Fund / H.P. Walsh and Associates (PTY) LTD, he worked with his former colleges from Executive Outcomes, South African Secret Service, and the Ex-Company Director of Anglo American / DeBeers as a Private Military Contractor. Together they managed the World’s most successful Intelligence Agency and Largest Private Army in the last thirty years. In addition, numerous markets were made in many countries.

    Brent Ritz is noted for a 100% mission success rate and being actively involved in more Major National and International Operations than any other individual. Capabilities included Executive Management – Fourth, Four + & Fifth Generation Digital IT for both Government and corporate applications. Diplomatic Relations and Procurement, Head of State and Royal Family Security, Foreign Military Advisement – Seventeen Countries, Government Enforcement with Discretionary Authority, Intelligence, Off the Shelf, Special Operations, Black Operations, Secured Communications, GSM, Satellite Feed, RF Tracking, Cyber Warfare, and Tracking, Fully Armed Stealth & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Helicopter Gunships, Fixed Wing Assault Aircraft, Support Aircraft, and all ground equipment. 400 personnel in intelligence, operations, and support logistics. 6,000 combat-ready assault troops on twenty-four-hour fast-ready notice for full deployment.

    At American Capital, Brent and his family funded one of the largest Charitable Life Insurance Programs in the United States. He still maintains that relationship today. This 501c3 maintains close to 11,000,000 members.

    In 2004, at age twenty-four, he was the number one real estate broker in the United States at Coldwell Banker and a Director of Coldwell Banker Premier Properties. He made the company the number one Coldwell Banker franchise in the United States. It was sold shortly thereafter to Coldwell Banker.

    Before Fame

    Ritz studied design, real estate, business administration, and law.


    At one point in time, Ritz maintained 16 qualifications and licenses, primarily in finance.

    Brent Ritz was active in Martial Arts, having studied nine different styles in his early years. He was actively involved in Body Building and Power Lifting. He now casually plays golf for recreation; weight lifts and enjoys hiking to maintain a physically fit lifestyle.

    Personal Life

    Brent Ritz was born on December 16, 1968, in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States. He spends most of his time making UBER a better travel company.

    He enjoys meeting new people from all cultures and walks of life, traveling, architecture, and the humanities.

    Associated with

    Former associates are Dr. Armand Smith and Herman Walsh, Grey Market UUHNWI’S, F500’s, premier private companies, high caliber global conglomerates, international commodities company’s, non-profits, and predominately numerous Sovereign Governments (Head of State I Central Bank I Chief Justice I Military I Intelligence), Senators, House Members, Governors, Ministers, Bankers, Celebrities and Business Managers.


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