Blake Ross

  • Entrepreneur

    June 12, 1985


    Miami, Florida, U.S


    39 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation entrepreneur, software engineer
    Other Name Blake Aaron Ross
    Nationality American
    Citizenship American
    Residence San Francisco, California, U.S
    Known For Creator of Firefox
    Education Stanford University
    Height 1.91 m
    Children 2
    Parents Abby and David


    The founder of Mozilla Firefox web browser Blake Ross is an American software engineer, former Facebook product director, writer of Firefox For Dummies and famous comedy series¬† Silicon Valley and nominated for Wired magazine’s Award against Larry Page.


    In 2004, after graduating from Gulliver Preparatory School, Blake Ross released the world’s most downloading free web browser  Mozilla Firefox at age of 19 along with Dave Hyatt. Later two years, Ross also create a web named Parakey and sell it to Facebook.


    Blake Ross started his earlier education with his family and send to  Gulliver Preparatory School where he graduated in 2003. Afterward, he enrolled at Stanford University, also attended his internship with Netscape.

    Family Life

    Blake was born in Miami, Florida in the United State of America and grew up with his Jewish family. His mother is Abby Ross is a psychologist and his father Mr. David Ross is an American lawyer. He is the younger of his older brother and sister.


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