Becky Zheng

  • Entrepreneur

    April 28, 2003


    New York City, U.S.


    20 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur & Founder
    Nationality American
    Residence Rochester, New York City
    Known For CEO & founder of The Roserist
    The Roserist, LimitedLess LLC.
    Education University of Pennsylvania


    American businesswoman Becky Zheng is the CEO & founder of The Roserist, a skin cure products company. She rose her fame as a social media influencer, Tiktok star, dancer, guitarist, author, and entrepreneur. Becky earned popularity on social media platforms within a short time. She has been reached 53.5k followers on Instagram since starting. The American entrepreneur has a Tiktok profile, where more than thousands of people follow her. She is also active on her professional Linkedin account with lots of well-wishers.

    Before Fame

    Her earlier life was spent in several places in the United States. Before moving to Rochester at the age of eight, Becky Zheng used to live in New York City & Philadelphia with her family.


    She carried a passion for the business field and developed academic interests in studying Business Management. Becky associated herself with business activities such as setting goals for the Roserist company, which produces skincare products. After managing Wayne NY INC. (a Real Estate Company owned by parents), an American business personality began her own Real Estate Company named LimitedLess LLC. Becky Zheng Published a book titled Falling下坠.

    Personal Life

    She was born on April 28, 2003, in New York City, to Chinese descent parents. Before starting a restaurant, Great Win Chinese Restaurant in the USA, they used to live in Fujian, China.


    Becky completed her schooling at the local school of the United States of America. Afterward, she admits to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Currently, Becky is running an undergraduate from the university.


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