Arno Dübel

  • Celebrity

    January 13, 1956




    68 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Unemployed entertainer and musician
    Full Name Arno Dübel tot
    Known For Germany's happiest and cheekiest unemployed person


    Arno Dübel is a German long-term unemployed, entertainer and musician, who is best known for his media appearances on television and the Bild newspaper, in which he is portrayed as Germany’s happiest and cheekiest unemployed person. He became a well-known meme in German net culture. There are numerous YouTube videos about him and meme pages on Facebook. His famous laugh and sayings are shown again and again.

    Before Fame

    Dübel began an apprenticeship as a painter, which he had to give up after two years. Since then he has lived on social assistance and most recently on unemployment benefit II in 1974.


    He appeared in media publicity for the first time, telling his life on the talk show by Arabella Kiesbauer (Pro7) in 2001. Arno Dübel was a guest of Johannes B. Kerner, among others. There he mobbed, among other things, ex-soccer manager Reiner Calmund and mocked people who offered him jobs.

    Personal Life

    Arno Dübel was born on January 13, 1956, in Hamburg, Germany where he used to live with his family members. After finishing college, he set out for various jobs but failed to choose any specific professions which established him as one of the long-term unemployed, entertainers in Germany as well as the world.


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