Alexander Kulitski

  • Entrepreneur

    February 29, 1994


    Minsk, Belarus


    30 Years Old



    Other Information

    Occupation Entrepreneur, Programmer
    Other Name Alex Kulitski
    Years Active 2011-present
    Nationality Belarusian
    Known For Founder of Smart IT


    Alexander Kulitski rose his fame after founding Smart IT, a company that builds custom software and web applications for small-medium businesses and supplies the development and support teams for prominent enterprises internationally. Besides, he also gained huge popularity on social media.

    Before Fame

    Although he was only 15 and in high school when he first had his idea and founded the company with a group of close friends while still at university.


    Along with his team, Alex became the first person of providing the service online ticketing service in his country. He also has a major contribution to the planning and creation of service software. After seeking the business to scale quickly and became profitable, it remains the largest and most popular online and vending machine ticketing service in the country.

    Family Life

    Alexander Kulitski was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, and completed his early school in the city. He had a great passion for coding since he was in high school and the passion became a profession after enrolling the university.


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