WebWork Time Tracker - Software company in Yerevan, Armenia

WebWork Time Tracker is a time tracking software for monitoring the work process of employees and remote work. The tool uses employee monitoring techniques to track user time and activity.

WebWork was launched by the IT company Evistep Enterprise. In 2022, the company was separated from Evistep and registered in the US as an independent product. Now it is Tracker is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and operates a second office in Yerevan, Armenia.


WebWork Time Tracker was founded in 2015 by Armenian entrepreneur Vahagn Sargsyan and his team. They first created the tracker to improve their own team and project management but later released the tool to a bigger audience.

The first version of WebWork Time Tracker was launched in 2016 and was free for small teams.

It was available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In 2020, the mobile version of the software was released for iOS and Android. In the same year, the tracker introduced the feature of attendance tracking and a Chrome Extension.

In April 2022, WebWork launched its built-in Team Chat and Video Calls to keep communication inside the tracker.

By the end of 2021, WebWork reached 50K+ active users, 30K Windows, 8K Mac, and 12K Linux users (1.2K active teams). The number of mobile app users for the same period was 8.5K for Android and 5.6K for iOS.

Software and Features

WebWork has features for time tracking, employee monitoring, project managing, and communication.


WebWork Time Tracker has 4 screenshot modes. They are Screenshot, Background, Blurred, and No Screenshot.

Time tracking

WebWork tracks time when given permission by the user. Time tracking is available on platforms like the web, desktop, mobile and Chrome extensions.

Attendance monitoring

The tracker records attendance, including when employees come and leave. This information is available in attendance reports.

Apps and websites

The app and website feature tracks the usage of apps and websites and the time spent on them.

Activity Level

WebWork tracks the activity level of employees by measuring the frequency of their mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Task Management

The tracker has a built-in task management system that allows assigning tasks, attaching files, writing comments, setting priority, and adding due dates.

Member Types

On WebWork, team members are classified as member types. They are Owner, Executive Manager, Project Manager, Employee, and Project Viewer. Each of these member types has its role and permissions.


It is possible to integrate different tools with WebWork Time Tracker. The tools that can be integrated with WebWork include Zapier, Asana, GitHub, Jira Software, Teamwork, Zoho Projects, Bitbucket, Wrike, Trello, Todoist, and Clickup.


The tracker’s desktop app is based on Qt C++ (versions including and after 5.11.5). The tracker uses Sqlite 3 for storing temporary data. It also uses Objective-C to work with the MacOS API. The previous versions were using Java, Java FX, and Electron JS, since 2019 and QT, since 2021.

The mobile app is built with React Native

The front end of WebWork’s web version works on Javascript (React.js), while the main backend block uses Laravel, with some services using Node JS (Express JS). It also uses HTML5 features (such as offline storage) and Websockets. The database operates on MYSQL, Redis, and Amazon S3 storage.