The Reading (2023) - Top American horror-thriller film

The Reading

The Reading is an American 2023 horrorthriller film written and directed by Courtney Glaudé. The film stars Mo’Nique, Chasity Sereal, Denisha Hardeman and Charnele Brown.


After a horrible home invasion that takes the majority of the lives of a beautiful family, Emma (Mo’Nique), the sole survivor of the horrific attack, finds ways of getting over her trauma by writing a novel. Later on, in the story, things become a blood bath after Emma receives a reading from young psychic Sky (Chasity Sereal) and her team.


  • Mo’Nique as Emma Leeden
  • Chasity Sereal as Sky Brown
  • Denisha Hardeman as Jessie
  • Ian Haywood as Greg
  • Mcauley Teters as Randy
  • Lisa Alavi as Ashley Leeden
  • Charnele Brown as Oda Brown
  • Cooper Helm as
  • Matthew Leeden
  • Nai Nguyen as Kyren Leeden
  • Maudejanei Alero as Kendall Leeden
  • Sarah Alavi as Rachel Gates
  • Jonathan Algeroy as Johnny
  • Will Scott as Mailman
  • Courtney Glaude as Homeless Guy
  • Kim Davis as Johnny’s Mom
  • R.J. Atkins as Bartender
  • Kyhle Jamerson as Masked Intruder #1
  • TreKessa LeFleur as Masked Intruder #2
  • Valerie Tyler as Masked Intruder #3
  • Shae Woodard as Masked Intruder #4


Courtney Glaudé directed and produced the film, along with Lee Daniels, who was the executive producer for this feature.


It premiered on BET+ platforms on February 2, 2023.


Sharai Bohannon of Dread Central wrote,” I think there is a lot of really great stuff in the top half of this script. I just wish that it had carried over more and found a way to coexist with what we got. Also, I think the uneven acting draws attention to some of the design elements that possibly hinder the story from getting the tension it deserves. As messy as it was, I’m happy I saw it. Also, very happy Mo’Nique gave me a character I have longed to see.”