The history of PachaMama Eco Village - Costa Rica

PachaMama Eco Village

PachaMama Eco Village is a spiritual community formed in 1999 with the intention to live a life of meditation, reverence, and harmony with nature and the elements. Located in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica near San Juanillo, the eco-village is nestled in a forested valley that has been regenerated over the years and is now teeming with wildlife.

Various therapy workshops, meditation and silent retreats, yoga trainings, medicinal ceremonies, and intentional gatherings happen throughout the year, calling in a diverse range of personal and cultural backgrounds from hundreds of visitors.

History of PachaMama Eco Village

A vision to create an intentional community of alternative living led founder Tyohar and several fellow travelers in search of land to form PachaMama.

Osho’s teachings serve as an inspiration for the foundations of PachaMama – celebrating life and the process of awakening through selflessness and consciousness.

The Six Pillars of PachaMama Eco Village


Silence is the Heartbeat of the eco-village. Each day is a sacred opportunity to meet the inner truth and surrender to the beauty of the present through Silent Sittings, Silent Retreats, and Satsangs.

Emotional Healing

Therapy groups create the container to focus on going deep into the depths of one’s being and cleaning stagnant energy and emotions. By healing the wounds of the past, one can begin to live more fully in the present.

Physical Rejuvenation

Yoga, movement practices, and body cleansing provide detoxification of the internal and external systems. Unifying a present mind with an in-tune body.

Red Road

PachaMama Eco Village would not be what it is today without the passing of ancestral wisdom from many beloved teachers and elders. The Red Road shares an understanding of the connection of all beings through the Indigenous ancestors of this continent. Celebration, song, dance, and plant medicine ceremonies unite all as a universal sacred family.


As a sustainable eco-community, PachaMama understands that when everything is living in balanced harmony, an ecosystem is healthy and capable of reproducing itself. Respect for mother earth is entwined in every facet of life at PachaMama – from the Organic Jungle Shop, regeneration process, eco-diversity, and permaculture initiatives.

Musical Journeys

Music heals. As such, PachaMama gathers frequently to pray, heal, and sing on the wings of musical masterpieces. Experiencing the medicine of divine vibration.

Daily Life

Mornings at PachaMama Eco Village typically begin early, rising with the waking of the forest creatures. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, or other movement practices are offered every day to begin with vitality.

Meals are served in the Verde Restaurant – a beautiful maloka in the village centre surrounded by lush forest. Most food is 100% organic and local – focusing on vegan, raw food, and macrobiotic principles.

Grab a book from the library filled with texts from Osho and other great spiritual teachers and sip on a fresh organic juice in the Wild Treats Cacao Bar. Home to a wide variety of raw chocolate creations, high-vibe snacks, and more.

Many workshops are happening throughout the weeks, such as The Beauty That Surrounds You, Osho’s Born Again, and Yoga Intensives. Unwind in your Casita overlooking the dense forest and watch as a family of monkeys pass by.

In the evening the village gathers for Silent Sitting in Osho Hall for a moment of stillness to integrate and connect with the energy that moved that day.

Sit around the table with new friends over honest, open-hearted conversations. End the night in a circle of songs before heading off to sleep.

Workshops & Retreats

Silent Retreat

Silence is a central aspect of PachaMama Eco Village. A journey into stillness is a rare and precious opportunity to focus entirely on your heart and inner sky, immersed in silence in a beautiful, natural setting. This 10-Day Journey asks all participants for a sincere commitment to the process, as the harmony of uniting together as seekers support one another’s awakening. Twice-daily satsangs with Tyohar hold the energy, daily yoga and movement practices, closed by a ceremonial sweatlodge to give back all that no longer serves us and emerge fresh and tender to new days.

The High-Vibe silent retreat is focused on nourishment for mind and body, where a unique vegetarian menu of superfoods and juices enable participants to go deeper by supporting the frequency of the body with high-vibe foods.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga at PachaMama takes a non-dogmatic approach, inspired by the evolution of this ancient practice, weaving together modalities from Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, and Calligraphy yoga. There are also seasonal Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga teacher trainings – from 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings to Restorative Yoga and Meditation trainings.


Detoxify the body and revitalize through an immersive body cleanse. Flush the digestive system and toxins, parasites, and waste that one accumulates every day. These 5-day deep-dive resets include daily movement practices, lessons on health and nutrition, a liver flush, and private health coach sessions.

Transformation Cycle

Held twice a year, the Transformation Cycle is designed to shed layers and cleanse the emotional, mental, and physical body over a month of workshops and introspection.

Emotional Healing Workshops

Bring unconscious patterns and conditions to life – through the work of emotional healing one is invited to live more wholly, with self-acceptance, presence, and joy. PachaMama Eco Village offers a wide range of workshops from breathwork training, Osho-inspired practices such as Primal Feelings Therapy (Freedom From the Past), Tantra, Singing and Music practices, Women’s work, and more.

Sustainability & Regeneration

The principles of permaculture, waste reduction, soil regeneration, water retention, and recycling are applied throughout the village. PachaMama Eco Village is committed to coexisting in harmony with nature.

Much of the land of PachaMama was once a flat cattle farm, comprised mainly of grassland and lacking in trees… many native animals had left seeking greener pastures. As a non-profit center, all income is reinvested to support the village’s operation, growth, and regeneration of the land. PachaMama has planted thousands of trees including rare and endangered species and is now home to many species of hundreds of trees, over 40 mammals and over 200 birds.

As an eco-village, PachaMama actively works to increase biodiversity & sustainability while minimizing its carbon footprint. All of the wood used for construction in the village is from fallen trees, while a central recycling center processes and sorts through every individual bit of waste that comes through the gates.

The community Jungle Shop sells organic produce and goods sold in glass jars and no single-use plastic is used. All water taps provide fresh, clean water and everyone is encouraged to use biodegradable cleaning products. Compost toilets are located throughout the village and food scraps are also composted and used by the Eco Department for further regeneration efforts.

Grey-water systems have been installed in many areas of the village. These systems reuse water from kitchens and showers for irrigation. Water is conserved through the use of swales and retention lagoons.

Every resident and visitor is held to a high standard of ecologically responsible living.

What the land gives, PachaMama desires to give back ten-fold.

The Jungle School and Family Life

Children are a beloved part of life at PachaMama, with the communal environment naturally supporting kids towards growth, learning, and experience.

The Jungle School at PachaMama is a Waldorf-inspired school that serves the many children born in the village as well as new families and guests.

Through a holistic approach to the different phases of childhood, education is to be experienced, through the heart and hands, as well as the head. Music, dance, theatre, writing and arts does not simply subjects to be studied mentally but rather experienced actively. Children are encouraged to grow and develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Work Exchange Program

PachaMama Eco Village’s Work Exchange Program is a unique opportunity to become a true part of the community through service while subsidizing a significant part of visiting costs.

A balance of work, meditation, and personal growth is honored and encouraged in this exchange.

Work can range from serving in Wild Treats, preparing food for the restaurant, tending to the land in the Eco Department, processing the recycling center, and more.