Nari Bi Pindhipare Rakta Sindura

Nari Bi Pindhipare Rakta Sindura is a 1997 Indian Odia-language film directed by Hara Patnaik. A remake of the Hindi-language film Khoon Bhari Maang (1988), the film stars Rachna Banerjee and Sidhant Mohapatra. The film was released at the beginning of 1997 and was a box office failure.


  • Rachna Banerjee as Rekha
  • Sidhant Mohapatra
  • Hara Patnaik


In addition to directing the film, Patnaik acted as the villain.


A critic from The Times of India wrote that “Hara Patnaik copies the superhit Rekha-starrer Khoon Bhari Maang frame by frame and still messes up things. So much for his directorial panache!”