Most Helpful Apps for Students - Papercoach reviews

In today’s digital age, students can count on numerous apps in their studies and organization. From note-taking and flashcard apps to task management and productivity tools, there is an app for almost every aspect of a student’s academic life. These apps can help students stay organized, focus on their studies, and improve their academic performance. The following list of applications has collected a number of various apps that may help students with a wide range of tasks and purposes. Whether you do online classes,
attend college, or study by yourself, these types of apps will help you succeed in your academic pursuits.


Students need a digital platform where they can plan their days, make schedules, take notes, and store all important materials, ideas, and sources. Evernote can be such a platform. It is a great application for organization and writing. Students can take notes during classes, label them and save them in appropriate notebooks. They can do so online or offline. The app will synchronize everything among devices once you have an Internet connection.

Evernote also comes with all essential features for convenient documentation, including handwriting recognition and templates for various occasions. In addition, students can work on a single file remotely, sharing access among teammates.


All students need some help writing their academic papers. You may be creative, skilled, and well-read in the chosen topic and still struggle to receive a good grade. Why? Well, academic writing is extremely complex, nuanced, and technical. For one, you can’t have any grammar or spelling mistakes. That’s why you should use Grammarly when submitting an essay.

First, Grammarly is super convenient. You can open it on the site and download a desktop app or browser extension. You can also use a mobile keyboard app. It covers all forms of typing and leaves no room for error. Students can use it to proofread and edit their works or write error-free emails to their teachers from smartphones.

Secondly, Grammarly will correct more than your grammar. It will check your style, flow of thought, correct use of verbs, etc. It will polish your paper to look as professional as you want it to be. Plus, you can always learn and improve your writing skills by using this editing tool as a guide to better papers.

Lastly, Grammarly is also a plagiarism checker. You can access this function in a premium version. Checking your papers for plagiarism before the office does so is always a good idea.


Staying calm, grounded, and well-rested is essential for long, productive learning sessions. Sadly, many young people struggle with achieving those seemingly, simple goals. School can be rather stressful, resulting in students having sleep difficulties, increased stress levels, and disrupted focus and concentration. All of these issues shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, students should always strive to deal with any mental health disorders as soon as they
notice their first signs.

That’s why most students will greatly benefit from using Calm on their phones. It is a meditation app that can help students reduce stress, improve focus and sleep, and increase relaxation. The app comes with dozens of meditation lessons and guided practices that teach you how to control breathing, relax, and focus on your thoughts.

The app also provides content to improve sleep quality, including bed night stories and music. Overall, Calm is a reliable tool for relaxing, building a peaceful mindset, and establishing healthy relationships with oneself.


Distractions are the worst enemies of good learning. Unfortunately, our devices don’t only help but disrupt the working process. They offer too much engaging content and non-stop connectivity to give that up easily. That’s why it’s best to use a blocking app while working on an essay or other projects.

One of the most effective blocking apps is Freedom. It allows users to block distracting websites and apps across all their devices for set periods of time. With Freedom, you can create blocklists and turn them on for specific time limits. Hence, you won’t be able to open anything that doesn’t help you work. Users can even schedule their blocklists for specific times of the day, making it easier to establish a strong study routine.

Also, Freedom offers a “locked mode” that prevents you from ending a session early or turning down the app until the session is complete. Overall, Freedom is a great choice for students looking to limit their online distractions and boost their productivity. It can help you gain better focus and stay on task for longer. Of course, even Freedom can’t give you inspiration or make more time in a day to complete long papers. So make sure to leave papercoach reviews out of the blocklist in case you desperately need professional writing help.


Last but not least, any student who teaches foreign languages needs to download Duolingo. It can be a perfect addition to traditional language classes or even an individual learning tool for language learning. The app has hundreds of languages and thousands of lessons. It can analyze your language level and provide you with relative content. Duolingo’s specialty is interactive lessons that combine entertainment and education. Hence, it shows how language learning doesn’t have to be a chore. It is a fun and engaging process. The app also offers a variety of special games, rewards, bonuses, and competitions.