Jamal-Martinez issue in the ace of criticism

The World Cup really shows the craze of Bangladeshi football fans. Apart from the World Cup, there is no occasion for such madness for Bengali. That’s why Bengali are so crazy about foreign teams.

Millions of Bengali do such crazy things in every World Cup. However, in the 2022 World Cup, the enthusiasm of Bangladeshis touched the hearts of Argentines. Everyone in the Argentina team now knows about the madness of this South Asian country. Argentine have also tried to repay the love of Bangladeshi crazy fans in different ways. Argentina’s World Cup winning goalkeeper also wanted to see the excitement of Bangladeshis with his own eyes. In order to fulfill his dream, Argentina’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez arrived in Bangladesh for just 11 hours on Monday morning. In such a short period of time, Martinez’s desire to visit Bangladesh may have been fulfilled, but it remains unfulfilled for a large part of the fans.

The Bangladesh team returned home from the SAFF Championship on Monday afternoon. Martinez was also there to go to Kolkata at that time. Mohammad Mohsin, team attendant of Bangladesh national team, said that Jamal Bhai was waiting to meet Martinez even though many people left. I told some people that the Bangladesh team is waiting, but his companions were not sincere.

Argentina’s Martinez was very interested in Bangladesh. This teammate of Messi wanted to see the frenzy of the fans. But how much did he get the touch of the picture of Argentine fans of Bangladesh painted in Martinez’s mind? The passion of the Argentine fans in Bangladesh is startling, the love of the fans is deep; the thirst of those ordinary supporters remained unfulfilled. At the end, the Bangladesh football captain was also upset. Despite waiting for a long time, he did not meet with Martinez.

Jamal Bhuyan’s teammates are expressing their anger on social media. National team striker Nabib Newaj Jibon is angry about the matter. Reacting angrily on his Facebook, he wrote, “Jamal Bhuyan is the only poster boy of football in the country. They are flying to the country from as far away as Denmark. These stories are known to every football lover in the country. Only the people in the protocol didn’t know. The people who insulted the captain of their country for the sake of security did not know who he is.”

Abahani’s striker also said that what’s the point of knowing your Martinez, where you couldn’t honor the captain of your country. Former national team striker Toklis Ahmed’s anger is not less. In his words, you can not honor the football captain of your country! Let’s first respect the captain of your country. National team goalkeeper Shahidul Alam Sohel is also said with his angerness that in a country where virtues are not respected, virtues are not born.

Anisur Rahman Zico, the goalkeeper of the Bangladesh team, said, I would take some tips if I met. I don’t know if I will ever meet again. If we come through the federation or contact the federation, maybe we footballers would get a chance to meet.

Although Jamal Bhuyan told the media, there were actually many people at the airport. Maybe that’s why I didn’t meet him. It might have been possible if it had been said earlier. Unfortunately it was not happened.