FreeYourMusic is a freemium playlist transfer app that enables users to move playlists from one music streaming service to another. The app was created in 2015 in response to the growing number of music streaming services and the difficulty of transferring playlists between them.

FreeYourMusic supports playlist transfers between many popular music streaming services, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

The app is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


The first version of FreeYourMusic was called S.t.A.M.P. It was created by Bartosz Hernas in 2015, immediately after the release of Apple Music. As there were no playlist importers at that time, he wrote a small script to transfer tracks from Spotify to Apple Music.

S.t.A.M.P attracted interest on Product Hunt and was mentioned in the mainstream tech news.

After initial success, Bartosz Hernas, Michał Hernas and Krzysztof Kaczor decided to build a fully working solution for MacOS and Windows. The app was released overnight.

The early days of S.t.A.M.P were marked by a rapid increase in popularity, as the app was one of the first to offer this type of service. Shortly after, the iOS and Android versions were released and FreeYourMusic started to support transfers between all major streaming services.

In 2020, S.t.A.M.P rebranded as FreeYourMusic.

In 2021, FreeYourMusic introduced a new free feature that allows users to generate personalized music stats by retrieving data from their music service.


FreeYourMusic is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. It supports music transfers between 20 music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, TIDAL and Amazon Music. The app uses algorithms to find the best match between music services. The matching quality can vary depending on the music services users are migrating to. If the song does not exist in a destination music service, then it cannot be matched.