Deadpool 3 and the whole Marvel slate have been rescheduled by Disney, while the company has postponed the sequels to "Avatar" until 2031.


Disney is stirring up its delivery schedule, adding a new “Star Wars” film and “Moana” surprisingly realistic variation to the timetable and deferring the following three “Symbol” motion pictures by a year. Going on like this, the fifth excursion to Pandora will be delivered in 2031. That is in eight years, for anybody who needs to know the math.

Among the features of the redesign: A true-to-life “Moana” will be delivered on June 27, 2025; “Deadpool 3” climbed from Nov. 8, 2024, to May 3, 2024; an untitled “Star Wars” film is appearing on Dec. 18, 2026; “Symbol 3” has moved to Dec. 19, 2025; “Symbol 4” to Dec. 21, 2029, and “Symbol 5” to Dec. 19, 2031. In light of this course of events, the last “Symbol” film is coming 22 years after the first 2009 blockbuster.

Different changes incorporate an enormous Wonder reshuffling. “Commander America: State-of-the-art existence” is moving from May 3, 2024, to July 26, 2024, which thus is postponing “Thunderclaps” to Dec. 20, 2024, “Edge” to Feb. 14, 2025, and “Incredible Four” to May 2, 2025. “Vindicators: The Kang Tradition” is getting pushed back a whole year, from May 2, 2025, to May 1, 2026. It’s replacing “Vindicators: Secret Conflicts,” which is hopping from May 1, 2026, to May 7, 2027.

With the expansion of a “Star Wars” film in December 2026, it implies that two motion pictures set in a system a long way off will be delivered in that year. A different “Star Wars” film has been pushed from Dec. 19, 2025, to May 22, 2026. Another “Star Wars” film is set for Dec. 17, 2027. Disney hasn’t explained the premises of any of those portions.

Somewhere else, the new “Outsider” film, created by Ridley Scott and coordinated by Fede Alvarez, will open on Aug. 16, 2024.

Creation delays and the continuous WGA strike are important for the purpose of the absolute update of the delivery plan. Disney as of late stopped shooting on “Edge” and “Thunderclaps,” which prompted an expanding influence on the remainder of the interconnected Wonder Realistic Universe.

Concerning “Symbol,” the space between the spin-offs will permit the after-creation and enhanced visualizations division to keep growing, creating, and refining the various biological systems across the tremendous universe of Pandora.

“Every ‘Symbol’ film is an energizing yet amazing endeavor that requires some investment to bring to the quality level we as movie producers take a stab at and crowds have generally expected,” maker Jon Landau composed on Twitter. “The group is working diligently and can hardly stand by to take crowds back to Pandora in December 2025.”

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