Cupid's Last Wish

Cupid’s Last Wish is a 2022 Thai television series starring¬†Pirapat Watthanatsetsiri¬†(Earth) and Sahaphap Wongratch (Mix). The series follows the story of Korn Thapakorn Chaiphitak (Earth) and Win Sawin Warodom (Mix), which are childhood best friends. Directed by Golf Sakon Wongsinwiset and produced by GMMTV, it is one of the television series that GMMTV showcased for 2022 during their “Borderless” event on 01 December 2021.


Korn and Win are childhood best friends. Conflicts arise when Win’s father includes Korn in his will, granting him part of the family’s farm’s stocks. Misunderstandings follow, breaking up their friendship of 22 years.

Their path crosses again when Win gets into a car accident with his sister Lin, and wakes up to find his soul in her body. To return to his original body, Win, in the body of Lin, sets off on a road trip to collect holy water from 4 temples across the country within 7 days. The companion to his journey is none other than his friend turned foe, Korn.

Cast and Characters

Below are the cast of the series:


  • Pirapat Watthanatsetsiri (Earth) as “Korn” Thapakorn Chaiphitak
  • Sahaphap Wongratch (Mix) as “Win” Sawin Warodom
  • Ployshompoo Supasap (Jan) as “Lin” Lalin Warodom


  • Nawat Phumphothingam (White) as “Non”Chanon
  • Chanagun Arpornsutinan (Gunsmile) as “Nu” Anucha Woradom
  • Nipawan Taveepornsawan (Kai) as Phonuma Warodom
  • Chayajee Krittayapongsakorn (Geejee) as “In” Inthara Woradom
  • Shaowanasai Michael as Arun (Monk)
  • Nattharat Kornkaew (Champ) as “Jorn” Khajorn
  • Thanaboon Wanlopsirinun (Na) as Phat
  • Thawatchai Petchsuk (Nuree) as Saeng
  • Darina Boonchu (Nancy) as Sroi