Mindful Missions of SC

Mindful Missions of SC

Nonprofit organization




Nonprofit organization




Donnette Dawn Thomas

Mindful Missions of SC Info
Legal Name Mindful Missions of SC
Origin United States
Location Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
Key People Donnette Dawn Thomas
Area Served Worldwide


American Nonprofit organization Mindful Missions of SC was founded in 2017 on Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States. They are a State Licensed Nationally Accredited Behavioral Health Child Placing Agency. Mindful Missions of SC is a non-profit organization.


In 2017, Mindful Missions of SC launched behavioral therapy services in several cities instead of towns. The agency will provide therapeutic resources for school-age children that are at-risk and otherwise would not have access to those services and experiences. Mindful Missions of SC was the dream born from the founder of Donnette Dawn Thomas and her team of mental health professionals to assist young people and their families with a comprehensive range of services.

They offer a variety of services and programs that are designed to help individuals explore emotions and feelings in order to make better choices, learn coping skills, improve interpersonal and relationship skills, determine negative thought patterns and work toward making healthy, positive life changes.

Founder Donnette Dawn Thomas provides adults with the tools they need to pave a pathway to success in their personal and professional life. Mindful Missions of SC works with individuals on the opposite end of the age spectrum and their families.

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