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Derek Barbolla

Cercle Info
Origin France
Location Paris, France
Services Concerts and live broadcasts production
Official website www.cercle.io


Cercle is an event agency organising DJ sets and music performances in an unusual places with cultural or natural significance around the world and broadcasting them live via social media. Presented music genres are mostly deep house, house, techno or electronica. Each show ends with a short interview with an artist.


Cercle was founded in 2016 by Derek Barbolla. It started with a simple, one-camera Facebook livestreams of a DJ sets played in Paris nightclubs or Barbolla’s apartament, but over the years They started to manage its own ticketed events. Locations of the shows became more and more sophisticated and went outside France, all over the world. Live broadcasts developed to a professional, 4K production with multiple cameras, including drones. This evolution allowed Cercle to go viral and start inviting world’s top DJs, but also instrumental musicans and vocalists.

In May 2019, in a collaboration for 500th Chambord Castle anniversary, They organised its first festival. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, next one took place in 2022 at Air and Space Museum in Paris.

In September 2020 They launched own music label, Cercle Records.

As part of Cercle Records activity, in October 2020 They introduced Cercle Stories, a series of prerecorded videos, each one presenting artist performing single track dedicated to some place on Earth.


  • DJ Awards 2019: Cutting Edge
  • Heavent Festival Awards 2022: Best Electro Festival

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