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Felix Hesse

ATLAS 1 Info
Legal Name ATLAS 1 INC
Origin United States
Location 100 Park Ave, Manhattan, NY 10017, United States
Key People Felix Hesse
Area Served Worldwide
Num Employees 5
Services Techwear, Clothing, Pants, Shoes
Official website


ATLAS 1 is an online shopping platform based on 100 Park Ave, Manhattan, NY 10017, United States of America. It provides customers with Futuristic Fashion, Techwear & Cyberpunk Clothing with 7-14 days safely delivery. After a few months of founding, the company got huge positive feedback & review from their clients through social media networking sites. ATLAS 1 also rose to fame on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Where they have gained massive popularity for the quality of the products.


The Tech Wear company ATLAS 1 is founded by American business personality & entrepreneur Felix Hesse in 2021. He started the platforms with the motto of ‘The future is now. Be 2 steps ahead. And successfully put on the company in the sector of Techwear, Tech Wear, Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk Clothing, Futuristic Fashion.


Since starting, the trustable online-shop collaborated with several categories of products. Especially, on the tech wear, it provides Techwear Pants, Techwear Clothing, Techwear Accessories, Techwear Shoes, Techwear Style & Techwear Aesthetic. ATLAS1 also gained huge complements for Techwear for Men, Women, Dresses Women’s Jackets & Outerwear, Techwear Tops, Skirts, Coats, Hoodies, Ponchos, and Shirts.

Moving step-forward to the future, ATLAS 1 serves clients worldwide shipping system. It is not only a secure product but also protects customers’ information. Their huge range of futuristic clothing and accessories collections helped them to grow early within starting. The online shop also provides customer-friendly services for damaging and wrong products. And it is also well-known for its easy way of ordering accessories.

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