The best Video Game Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a game on Roblox, with more than 14 billion visits. It is a fan recreation of the anime, One Piece. Formerly called Blox Piece, this game is about grinding, trading, fighting, and adventure.


Blox Fruits was created in January 2019 by mygame43, who also created Elemental battlegrounds, game robot, and GamerRobotYT.

About the Game

Blox Fruits is a game with many different paths you can take, from gaining a bounty hunter to a trader, or just trying to get the maximum level (The current maximum level is 2450 as of update 19.0). Once you begin playing, you have to choose if you are going to be a pirate or marine. Once you made your choice, you are either spawned on the Pirate Starter; or Marine Starter islands, depending on which side you chose. Once you land on the island, you either have to fight against bandits (Pirate Starter) or trainees (Marine Starter) (Both are level. 5). On both islands, you level up by completing quests, which give you experience points, or (XP). The bandit quest gives you $350, and 300 EXP, the same as trainees. Once you level up to level 10, you enter the next area or island. This will be done until level 700, where you have to do a quest to go to the 2nd sea. After you are able to go to the second sea, you do the quests, until level 1500, where again, you will have to do a quest to go to the third sea.


Weapons are used to attack a non-playable character, or NPC. There are many ways to attack them. The ways are combat or melee, blox fruit, sword, and gun.


There are 11 types of melee, which are:

(Obtainable in 1st sea): Combat, Dark Step, Electric, Water Kung Fu

(Obtainable in 2nd sea): Dragon Breath, Death Step, Sharkman Karate, Superhuman

(Obtainable in 3rd sea): Electric Claw, Dragon Talon, Godhuman.

Blox Fruits

There are 35 types of blox fruits, which are:

(Common): Kilo, Spin, Chop, Spring, Bomb, Smoke, Spike

(Uncommon): Flame, Falcon, Ice, Sand, Dark, Revive, Diamond, Light, Rubber, Barrier, Magma

(Rare): Quake, Buddah, Love, Spider, Phoenix, Portal, Rumble, Paw, Blizzard

(Mythical): Gravity, Dough, Shadow, Venom, Control, Spirit, Dragon, Leopard


There are 37 types of swords, which are:

(Obtainable in 1st sea): Katana, Cutglass, Dual Katana, Iron Mace, Shark Saw, Triple Katana, Pipe, Warden Sword, Dual-Headed Blade, Soul Cane, Bisento, Trident, Pole (1st form), Saber

(Obtainable in 2nd sea): Saddi, Wando, Shisui, True Triple Katana, Longsword, Gravity Cane, Jitte, Koko, Midnight blade, Rengoku, Pole (2nd form), Dragon Trident

(Obtainable in 3rd sea): Yama, Tushita, Dark Dagger, Canvander, Twin Hooks, Hallow Scythe, Buddy Sword, Spikey Trident, Cursed Dual Katana

(Exclusive): Dark Blade, Triple Dark Blade


There are 14 types of guns, which are:

(Obtainable in 1st sea): Slingshot, Musket, Flintlock, Refined Slingshot, Refined Flintlock, Cannon, Refined Musket, Bazooka

(Obtainable in 2nd sea): Acidum Rifle, Kabucha, Bizzare Rifle,

(Obtainable in 3rd sea): Serpent Bow, Soul Guitar

(Exclusive): Shotgun


Written by Lukazkool (lukazkool on Roblox, Lukazkool on Youtube)