Big Game (comics)

Big Game is an upcoming American comic book crossover limited series written by Mark Millar, drawn by Pepe Larraz, and set to be published by Millarworld on July 19, 2023.


Following the events of Nemesis Reloaded and The Ambassadors, Nemesis is taking over the Fraternity, which leads him into a war with several heroes, including Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Superior, The Magic Order, Huck, and the Night Club.

Publication history

Big Game is an American comic book limited series written by Mark Millar and drawn by Pepe Larraz, which unites twenty-four properties from Millarworld into one crossover event. During an interview with SFX Magazine, Millar said, “Our books over the next few months lead into a crossover, which ties together all the Millarworld franchises. There are actually 24 franchises altogether if you count series like Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Hit Girl, so we’re putting them in one mega-story, which brings all of them together.” During the series’ announcement, Larraz said, “Since I started thinking about drawing American comic books, I always have wanted to work with Mark Millar. Who wouldn’t? But what I could never have expected is to work on something that interlocks and pulls together so many series Mark has written. This is a huge privilege for me and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”